Add your multiple ingredient items under one group. For example: tomato sauce, chilli sauce under one group. To group this go to Items-- Ingredients Group. Now select Add Ingredient Group.

In create page, select your option from drop down in Ingredient Group Type -sub course. Enter your minimum ingredient items to be chosen by customer in Minimum field. When the minimum number is defined, customer has to choose his ingredient item according to the numbers you have defined. 

Create your maximum ingredients item in Maximum field. Customer can choose his maximum number of items as his sub course.

Now create your ingredient group name, under which you add the different items in Ingredient Group Name. 
Example: Sauce (Ingredient group name)
                  Tomato Sauce, Chilli Sauce (ingredient item)

Add your description if any in, Ingredient Group Description

Your created ingredient items will be listed in Drag ingredients to add to this group section. Now drag your items to, Update ingredients price below section.

Add price to the ingredient item and select Active or Inactive option to show whether the item is available. Save the changes.

Your group now will be displayed in Ingredient Group page.



Now you can hide your grouped ingredients when required, edit and delete the group anytime using On/Off, Edit and Delete buttons.