To add your multiple branches to the main restaurant, go to Dashboard you will have a Create a new branch, complete those details and select Save to save the changes.  

Provide the mail address of your branch in the Contact Email field to receive the orders. 

Add a mail address of any of your branch in-charge other than the branch admin in Order CC Mail field.

Add your branch contact number for future reference in Contact Number 1 field. Now set a password for your branch admin in Password section and confirm the password in Confirm Password section.

As in the above image, add your branch name in Branch Name section. See the changes in your dashboard. Once you complete the above details, now provide your branch address in the following corresponding sections.


Provide your Street number in Street Number section. Street name in Street Name section. Your area in Area section, City name in City section,  state name in State section and Country name in Country section.

Now select your country’ time from drop down in Time Zone section. Add your latitude and longitude details in Latitude and Longitude field. 

Select your Payment Option and Save

Your branch is created now and you can view your branch details in Masters--> Pickup/Delivery--> Branch

Choose Masters--> Pickup/Delivery--> Branch--> Action to view the complete branch details.